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Tuesday, September 04, 2018


Some time has passed since the tragic discovery of Mollie Tibbetts’ remains.  Everyone in America knows of the young girl, out jogging on an Iowa country road, who was viciously assaulted and murdered by a man who turned out to be in this country illegally.  

We have heard the “request” by Ron Tibbetts, the young woman’s step-father, not to use her name to promote an immigration agenda she allegedly would have believed was  “profoundly racist”.  Yet we have absolutely no data from Mollie Tibbetts as to her possible conversion on this point as she realized she would die that day.  Mr. Tibbetts, with all due respect to his loss and grief, has no idea what her thoughts were as she reached for her telephone. She obviously was rejecting the man’s advances; he was not taking that into account.  Why not?


The reason we can’t leave Miss Tibbetts out of any reasonable debate about this vital subject is because we need to acknowledge what happens when we flag across our border and give safe harbor to those who would flout our laws in the first place.  Notwithstanding Ron Tibbetts’ characterization of this whole discussion as “racist” it is not about race or ethnicity. It is about people who violate our laws. None of us should be championing them. There is a perception that the majority of those here illegally come here via Mexico.  In fact, according to the Brookings Institution [sic], the majority coming here presently are coming from India and China.  But, as has been said, this is not the issue.  


The issue is and has been people who break the law.  If a man will break one law, there is no reason to believe he will obey other laws or even care that there are other laws.  Laws do not matter. In the case of Miss Tibbetts, it would not be far out of line to believe that she had a moment of doubt as she was overtaken by Christhian Bahena Rivera, but even if she had remained steadfast in her conviction that we must allow everyone to come into our country and take our chances with them, even the outlaws, there is no reason why her views on this should have a special place of honor in our debate.  After all, not to seem insensitive, she no longer has anything to lose by that view. Someone, somewhere, however, still does.


It is quite correct that not every attack and/or murder - nor even a majority of them - is perpetrated by an illegal alien.  But this one was, and had this individual been kept on the other side of a fence at the border Miss Tibbetts would not be gone today, mourned by her family and nation.  Ron Tibbetts is claiming a special authority in a debate in which he cannot lose again presumably. Yet a family somewhere else might be in his situation in months to come.  


We should all honor a desire by the family that Mollie Tibbetts be treated with respect by her countrymen and by the press.  But she was not permitted to “die with dignity” by the man who assaulted her. He is the enemy, not those who recognize the relevance of her death to the discussion.  True, no one should use this tragedy to promote racial hate. Those who condemn the Hispanic-American community are wrong, those who talk about “immigrants” in general are wrong.   But those who cite her fatal encounter on that country road, out for a pleasant jog one day, in a debate about vetting immigrants, or prohibiting the entry into the United States of those who do not qualify to get in, they are right to do so.  We must recognize the human aspect of this issue if we are to give it proper respect. By honoring the unreasonable demand of the family of Mollie Tibbetts we ignore this human loss - a life which by all accounts was rich and full and joyous and all too brief.  


It is true that had Mollie been a conservative or libertarian girl, carrying a gun, and had she confronted him and either driven him off or had been forced to shoot him, this would have been a non-story.   We might have to wait a long time to discuss a conservative or libertarian girl’s death at the hands of an illegal alien. It is likely that victims will be those who don’t believe in self-defense. True, some will run with this and ignore the real issue, which is the law and legal vs. illegal immigration, but we must not sweep this under the rug to satisfy anyone’s personal agenda, either.  This is a matter of fact, not a matter of politics or talking points. It is a fact that Mollie Tibbetts was jogging one fine day and was assaulted and murdered and left in an Iowa cornfield. It is a fact that her attacker is a man who had no business being in our country - ever. It is a fact that we should have known of his presence and we should have enforced our immigration law. If we had, ICE, that agency hated above others by the Left, would have taken him into custody and he might have been either incarcerated or deported, not following a young woman down a country road.  

This is no longer just about Mollie Tibbetts.  She, sadly, is gone. It is now about the next possible young woman - an American girl who should feel free to go jogging if she likes without the fear of someone who has been born and raised in a culture inimical to her freedom ending her life nor confining her to a “safe space”.  If we breed mad dogs and then turn them loose to run free in our streets we will have consequences. When we bring in uncivilized people who knowingly break our laws as their first act in our country, who originate from cultures where women have no real rights, whether that be Latin America or the Middle or Far East, and then our women continue to behave as free citizens in their own country despite this, we should expect more of the same.  And every one is one too many.


It is important to this discussion that we make it personal.  Someday in the not-t00-distant future this could be your best friend, sister, mom, fiance, daughter or wife.  It is important that she not be forgotten as “some girl”. She was a person with a life and a unique personality.  Every time this happens it is someone special. If we remember that they have names - Kate Steinle or Mollie Tibbetts - we will also remember that they were unique and special and a real loss, not a drab statistic.  



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