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Saturday, October 19, 2013


"At least one poll shows public support for Congressional Republicans has sunk to an all time low following the shutdown debacle."

Do you think it's odd the people conducting the poll didn't differentiate between Cruz and Lee on the one hand and McConnell and McCain on the other?

"They're all Congressional Republicans, are they not?"

Cruz and Lee were attempting to cut the funding for ObamaCare -- and they wound up with more knifes in their backs than Julius Caesar -- all of them put there by McConnell and McCain and their ilk.

"They knew the shutdown was a 'fools errand' as McCain called it. I take it you read the National Review? You listen to Fox News?"

Not anymore.

"Congratulations! You're coming around! The only mistake you persist in making is in thinking Cruz and Lee are any different than the others.

You don't think the Republicans in the House could have simply held their ground? Fund everything else and then let Reid take the heat for preventing children with cancer from getting treatment -- let the Democrats not fund the VA hospitals?

"You're talking as though that wasn't tried. You guys made your stand and the result has come as no surprise to anyone. Technically Boehner could have held out, if only a little longer. But lets face it -- we weren't exactly up against Colonel Travis at the Alamo!"

You figure Cruz should have realized Boehner was a wobbly knee’d, watery-eyed little man with no fight in him?

"That is a big factor for a smart guy like Cruz to overlook."

At least Cruz forced the capitulators into the open.

"Count them up and you'll find not twenty Senate Republicans stood with Cruz and Lee. The Hoevens and the Kevin Cramers agree with us. The era of small government is over and gone forever. Yet some backward elements, some Reaganite dead-enders remain. Hence poor Lamar must return to the hollers of Tennessee to prove he still knows the words to 'Bringing in the Sheaves'. One must still dupe the rubes into sending back the RINOs for another six- or two-year term. What a shock it will be when ninety percent of your little McCains gets re-elected!"

You don't think we'll ever smarten up?

"You? Not a chance!"



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