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Monday, November 21, 2011


MOSCOW, November 19, 2011— Judging by the comments this column has received, most of those who subscribe to the atheistic worldview think of themselves as rational and logical thinkers.

But if this were really so, they would perceive that their worldview is logically incoherent.

To see why, let us turn to the Secular Web (formerly Internet Infidels) which is the most widely frequented atheist website on the internet. Among other things, it features a section called Logical Arguments for Atheism. That section presents a number of syllogisms that attempt to disprove God's existence.

Among them is one aimed at the idea of a personal God. The argument seeks to show that God cannot be nonphysical and personal at the same time. It goes something like this:

  1. If God exists, then he is nonphysical.
  2. If God exists, then he is a personal being.
  3. A personal being needs to be physical.
  4. Hence, it is impossible for God to exist.

According to this argument, a God who is both non-physical and personal implies a logical impossibility. Therefore, we must conclude that such a God cannot exist.

Many skeptics find this to be a persuasive argument. Its force rests on a foundational law of logic known as the principle of non-contradiction. That principle states that two contradictory statements cannot both be true at the same time.

But even as the atheist tries to make his point, he unwittingly falls into a trap: If his worldview were true, then the principle of non-contradiction – or any other rule of logic – would be void of meaning.

Why? Because within atheism reality is ultimately composed of only matter and motion. If atheism is true, then everything in the universe must be explainable in terms of these two.

Rules of logic, however, possess properties that cannot be explained in terms of matter and motion. After all, rules of logic are immaterial, abstract, universal and unchanging.

None of these qualities can be explained by what the atheist claims constitutes reality. Such properties simply do not fit into a materialistic picture of the universe.

On atheism, rules of logic should not even exist. But they do exist. Atheists themselves testify to this fact every time they make a logical argument to “prove” their point.

To put it another way, they presuppose that which their outlook implicitly denies.

It is crucial that we grasp this point: Atheists claim that everything is ultimately matter and motion, and yet in their reasoning they resort to categories which cannot be accounted for by matter and motion. This constitutes a contradiction at the very heart of atheistic thought.

If atheism were true, then human reasoning – which is based on rules of logic – would be a futile exercise.

Thus every time an atheist puts forth a logical argument in support of his position, he refutes that which he seeks to defend.

Atheism is not a logically coherent position, because it cannot account for the very tools which its adherents use to justify their beliefs.

If they really wanted to be consistent, proponents of atheism would have to relinquish their worldview.


Born and raised under communism, Vasko Kohlmayer is a naturalized American citizen. He has lived in several countries under various forms of government, but he still marvels at the goodness of God and the wonder of life.

He has written for a number of newspapers, magazines and internet journals. Vasko currently lives in Europe with his long-suffering wife and two beautiful daughters. He is the founder of The Christian Writers Foundation.

His column "Higher Things" deals with matters pertaining to God. You can read more by clicking on this link.

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Is it logical for Athiests in the military to demand that they have a Chaplain?

J rich on November 25, 2011 at 10:59 pm
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