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Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear Parents

I am writing this bulletin with deep concern that a totally unqualified and unfit candidate, Tracy Potter, may win election as the Lead Educator of North Dakota’s children, as the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

If this man is elected, I am convinced that parents can expect the quiet and underhanded promotion of many immoral curriculum and program agendas in public schools.

Please consider the following, and if you agree, spread the word as far and fast as you can.

A.  Potter has a long and strong history of promoting amoral agendas.

1.  As a State Senator, in the 2009 session, Potter supported and voted for Senate Bill 2278, which would have granted special protection to homosexual and transgender practitioners as a civil liberty, similar to gender and race.

SB 2278 would have granted to a disordered inclination and moral choice (a preference) the special status and protection of a civil liberty.  It would have established state approval and honor to a lifestyle that includes traumatic and abusive acts, and sexual habits that have been the primary vectors of AIDS to the general population. The bill would have protected transvesting in the work place as a right, and would have established a right for known homosexuals to mentor young people as coaches and counselors, and arguably voluntary employment as “big brothers”, scout supervisors, and others.  SB 2278 would have also established a working precedent for further erosion of the definition of the family, and for eventual establishment of homosexual marriage.  You can bet Potter will push these same agendas as the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  

2.  In the same session, Potter sponsored a bill that removed the exemption of cohabitation from civil rights protection in housing.  In other words, he established the right to cohabit outside of marriage on the property of others, even contrary to the conscience of landlords.  

3.  Potter has a solid pro-abortion record.  

B.    Potter is a sneak who pushes his agendas using back door methods.

An example is his backdoor efforts to declare large tracts of ND land as “National Heritage” lands, without landowner input.  Even the U.S. Forest Service, which administers the National Heritage Land programs stated that public input was inadequate.  

To quote Rob Port, “The Northern Plains Heritage Foundation is a board put together by former Democrat State Senator Tracy Potter to manage the Northern Plains Heritage Area, a 4.6 million federal land designation that was crammed through Congress by former Democrat Senator Byron Dorgan without any notification for the landowners included in the designation.”


“What has always bothered me about this land designation is that the people with property in it must keep a weather eye toward whatever this foundation is doing. The NPHF has, potentially, millions of federal tax dollars with which to lobby local governments and entities for “partnerships” to manage land use and other issues in this area. Land owners wishing to oppose these moves must spend their own time and money to do so. That’s not fair. Citizens have enough to do without having to fight off unelected boards of busybodies, and the federal government is broke and certainly doesn’t need to be funding such enterprises with rather nebulous public purposes.”

You can bet Potter will use the same methods as the lead educator in the state.

C.    Tracy Potter consistently misrepresents himself.  

Potter ran for the state senate posing as a businessman.  As the director of a foundation, he was nothing of the sort.  He has no recent history in private business.  

Potter is running for the Superintendent of Public Instruction as an educator.  He has absolutely no recent connection with education as a teacher, an administrator, a board member, or any other credible credential.  

Potter is no educator.  He is an agenda-driven political activist and nothing more.  

I believe that this man’s election would be a serious danger to our children and their education.  

Click here to email your elected representatives.


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